Improved Customer Service

Since taking office Rodriguez has improved customer service by implementing a strategic plan that places taxpayers at the forefront of the office’s objectives. Since then he has initiated new services such electronic billing, pre-payment options, and convenience payment locations for rural residents. These services have provided taxpayers with convenience and accessibility. 


Increased Investment Revenue

 In 2019 Rodriguez reported a 70% increase in unanticipated investment revenue for the County’s portfolio due to changes in investment strategy that he implemented. 


Decreased Delinquent Accounts

During his term, Rodriguez has decreased the amount of delinquent properties that go to the State by 60%. Retaining over $200,000 dollars in penalty and interest fees for the community in 2019 alone.  


S&P Upgrade

 In December 2019, the S&P upgraded the County’s credit rating from A- to AA, a two level increase that is considered “unusual” by S&P standards. The credit rating agency looks at several factors, such as the county's overall economic health status. One important factor that they review is reserve balances and cash management protocol. This two level upgrade speaks volumes about Rodriguez’s cash management efforts.